Acumen MPB

As a market leading MPB, Acumen can provide a variety of high quality meter installation and related services, and can do so throughout the National Electricity Market. Acumen holds AEMO Accreditation Category B for meter types 2-4 and is ISO9001:2015 certified.

Acumen has already worked through the many challenges associated with deploying metering configurations to a variety of customer segments located in different network distribution areas. Partnering with Acumen provides the unique insight into these scenarios, ensuring a great customer experience.

  • Scale based scheduling and meter installation for the residential segment
  • Appointment based scheduling and meter installation where required for specialist cases such as sensitive load sites
  • Embedded electricity networks
  • Large market and complex electricity metering for business customers¬†(Low Voltage Current Transformers and High Voltage Current Transformers and Voltage Transformers)
  • Rectification of non-compliant sites discovered during the meter exchange process
  • AEMO Category B accredited for Meter Types 2 to 4